May 2009

This is from the United Church News Blog:

Gracious God, on this Memorial Day weekend, we remember and give thanks for those who have given their lives in the service of our country. When the need was greatest, they stepped forward and did their duty to defend the freedoms that we enjoy, and to win the same for others. O God, you yourself have taught us that no love is greater than that which gives itself for another. These honored dead gave the most precious gift they had, life itself, for loved ones and neighbors, for comrades and country – and for us. Help us to honor their memory by caring for the family members they have left behind, by ensuring that their wounded comrades are properly cared for, by being watchful caretakers of the freedoms for which they gave their lives, and by demanding that no other young men and women follow them to a soldier’s grave unless the reason is worthy and the cause is just. Holy One, help us to remember that freedom is not free. There are times when its cost is, indeed, dear. Never let us forget those who paid so terrible a price to ensure that freedom would be our legacy. Though their names may fade with the passing of generations, may we never forget what they have done. Help us to be worthy of their sacrifice, O God, help us to be worthy. Amen.

Eternal Father, Strong to Save


As I prepare to wrap up my last day with the College of Regional Ministers’ Stewardship Event and to fly home from Kansas City, I am reminded of what wondrous things God has done with generous people from around our Regional Church.         —David Chafin

All-giving and All-loving God, your abundant love shines through all of creation.  In and through the people of West Virginia and Western Maryland, you have blessed our world with faithful examples of gracious hospitality, tenacious love, and transformative generosity. 

May we never take for granted the goodness of your created world, and of each of your creatures – especially one another.  Open our hearts to hear each other’s stories of fear and joy, of tragedy and triumph, of death and life; and in hearing them, may we be turned toward you and shaped as better stewards of all that your hands have made. 

Let us marvel at the wonder of your work, and at the mystery of your grace which calls us toward new horizons of gospel hope in the voices of those who most need to view it with us. 

Through our self-giving, may your reign of peace and justice be known on your earth; this we pray in Christ’s name and in his spirit.  Amen.