Website issue

Just a reminder, friends, that we will begin publishing Prayerscapes for Advent on Dec. 1 (they will be available in print in your local congregation before that date).   Please share the link to this blog with others, so that they may subscribe to Prayerscapes.  Point them to at any time before Advent begins.  All subscribers receive the daily devotions created by the ministers of our region in the wee hours of each day throughout Advent.  You may also follow us by liking our Facebook page (wvdisciples) or following us on Twitter (@wvdisciples).

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Your recent sneak preview of Rev. Patty’s devotion was due to the slip of the finger.  Our apologies…although his words are well-chosen and excellently offered.  May we all be mindful of the power of the unretractable “send” button, and learn to fear it appropriately. 

Mea culpas all around,

The Editor

Friends, it seems that some of you have received a sneak preview of next Tuesday’s devotion.  There’s no extra charge for it, but apologies to those who will receive it twice, especially given its authorship.  Looking forward to our time together in Advent…even if a bit early!

David Chafin, Editor