Holy Saturday, Mar. 31

Read Mark 15:42-47

From Janet Hellner-Burris

Pittsburgh, PA Christian Church of Wilkinsburg

The Saturday before Easter is a busy day with preparations for Easter services and family celebrations.  It never had a holy significance for me, until I met my neighbors.  Every Holy Saturday they take a turn at their Russian Orthodox Church “guarding the tomb”.   It is a ministry of prayer and presence. They simply don’t want Jesus to be alone, even in His death.

Jesus is dead.  His body lies in the tomb.  If we do not want to cheapen His Easter victory, we must stay at the tomb as well.  Feel the reality and finality of death. Remember the overwhelming events in life which threaten to deaden our soul. Pray for those who are dying physically, as well as those whose souls are being killed by poverty, racism, violence and war.

Today becomes a Holy Saturday when we stay at the tomb.  Let us watch and wait for the new life only God can raise.


Jesus, even in death, I will stay with you. 

Teach me how to wait on resurrection.   Amen