Holy Thursday, Mar. 29

Read John 13:1-17,31b-35  

From Kenneth M. Hardway

Wheeling, WV First Christian Church

Association Regional Minister, WV, for Youth and Young Adults

Baptism.  Humility.  Servant-leadership.  Human denial.  Betrayal.  Even faithful disciples are ignorant in response.  The example of Christ so pervasive, so everlasting.

This night is rich.  So timely.  So lovely.  I almost wish we could stay here a little while longer.  Why is there a Friday, when Thursday night is filled with enough challenge and grace to last a lifetime?

Yet, the story goes deeper.  Love goes deeper.  How deep is your love?  To serve?  To be vulnerable?  To be rebuked?  To be washed?  To be transformed?  Is it deep enough to share?  To be known by it?  In word and deed?  Is love taught?  Or is love shown, experienced, and shared?  Love is lived.

How deep is love willing to go?  Deep enough to risk?  To being denied?  Deep enough to stand trial, and even do so alone?  Deep enough to die?  Deep enough to live?

Love is the mandate—mandatum—commandment.  Love is an ethic, an ethos, a way of life, and the way for life, and the way to life.  It is what we know, for it is what we’ve been shown and given.  It is how we are known, and how Christ is known in us.


You have shown us and given us deep love. 

May this love go as deep in us, and through us.  Amen.