Holy Wednesday, Mar. 28

Read Mark 14:1-11

From D. Marie Tribble

Lemoyne, PA First Christian Church

When was the last time you voluntarily gave your last to a complete stranger, with no expectation of receiving anything in return? I am not referring to the non perishable food items from the back of your cupboard that no one in your house will eat. Nor the outdated, heavily worn clothing you donated to the clothing drive each year. But a time you gave something you loved, cherished, or valued to a complete stranger with no expectation of receiving anything in return, other than enhancing their life.

Up until this point, Jesus spent every day of his life attempting to enhance the lives of others. Anticipating no benefit outside of the glorification of God. Unlike everyone else, Jesus was privilege to a divine secret others never believed although he attempted to disclose it many times; his time for departing the world was near. Days away from the significant moment, a women with no foreknowledge of the impact of her actions, comes bearing expensive, cherished perfume in an alabaster jar, and anoints Jesus. This nameless, seemingly invisible woman’s actions are shocking to many, yet viewed as selfless and sacrificial by Jesus. Her willingness to offer such a beautiful gift to Jesus, becomes an act of sacred worship forever to be remembered.


Lord, teach us how to give selflessly and sacrificially, in sacred worship to you. Instead of giving from habit, or obligatory responsibility. Amen.