Wednesday, Feb. 21

Read Psalm 32

From Charles Consagra

Scranton, PA First Christian Church

Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a tiny woman with an enormous heart filled with love for the poor. She served because it came to her that God was so merciful, loving, and forgiving of her that she must act in response to that love, love that was manifested in His death and resurrection. As she once said, “lf I look at the mass, I will never be able to act; if I look at the one, I will.”

Psalm 32 speaks both of individual repentance and God’s forgiveness. The psalmist sings that because God forgets our sins, it is as if we never sinned. During Lent each of us is reminded that God’s redemptive forgiveness of our sins by Jesus’ death on the cross calls us to respond in forgiveness, love, and service – one person at a time – to our spouses, children, and friends.

As we watch the story of our salvation unfold, Lord,

move us to extend your love and grace to others. Amen.