Monday, Feb. 19

Read Psalm 25:1-10

From Doug Shoaff

Wheeling, WV

Can we trust God? Within the Lenten journey—from Ash Wednesday to Easter Morn–are events that without a doubt say, “YES!” We can trust God because our lives and experiences are grounded in the spiritual reality that “God is Good, All the Time.” Whether we walk in the green pastures and quiet waters, or travel through the dark valley, He is good, and He is God, and He is there.

He is God! Therefore, he is all powerful and knows nothing that is impossible for him to do—except to do evil! There is no power upon the earth or in the heavens that he is not LORD over. Nothing we ask of him is too difficult!

He is GOOD! He is not capable of evil. We can trust him. We know where evil comes from, and we know that God is always good. Therefore, we journey this life knowing he will work out all things for GOOD for those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

We may not see this good as it unfolds, but this lack of knowledge is to build faith in the power and goodness of our Father.

Remember the words of David: “Good and upright is the LORD…all the ways of the LORD are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant” (Psalm 25:8, 10). His command to love is demonstrated by the cross. We keep this covenant as we love. His “Godness” is demonstrated in the empty tomb. The power of his resurrection is lived out in our lives!


Lord of power and goodness, give us the faith to trust you because of what you did and what you are doing. Amen.