Friday: Jan. 5  Read Ephesians 3:1-12

from Kevin Bowers, Weirton, WV First Christian Church

Like Paul have you experienced the “mystery of Christ?”  This is not a scary mystery; it is more like the mystery of grace and love (two words – but are they really one?).  We really don’t understand it.   We really can’t explain it.   We just feel it and give thanks:

The mystery of love sent to us as a baby born in a stable.

The mystery of the child who shepherds and wise men visited.

Yes, the mystery of the child who was raised by Mary and Joseph and stayed in the temple past his parents going home.

The mystery of the man who choose people I would have never have chosen to accompany him on his ministry.

The man, who healed, fed, taught, befriended and encouraged.

The man who went to the cross and lives again.

Perhaps the greatest mystery is that 2,000 years later we still haven’t gotten much further in solving the mystery.  How do we really define grace, define love, a gift that has been given to all?  But God’s love made visible in Jesus is so much greater than any of us will ever be able to comprehend. God is greater than our minds and our imaginations.

This season, let your mind get lost in the mystery.  You will be blessed.

O God, our finite minds may not grasp the mystery, but we live in the awe and wonder that you should love us so. Thank you, gracious Lord, for life made new.  Amen.