Thursday: Jan. 4  

Read Psalm 8

from X. Rae Browning, Cumberland, MD First Christian Church

I love to read. Sometimes I get so involved in reading that I feel I am right there in the middle of it. Well, I’ve been reading this book entitled, “Great People of the Bible and How They Lived,” a Readers Digest book that was given to the Cumberland First Christian Church. It begins stating that the story of how life began as we know it was passed down by word of mouth. And as time came communication developed into writings. Then, being more interested, people wanted proof of the past and truth in the writings. So, genealogy evolved. God is an awesome God all the time. Through His Word, the Bible, God fills us with life as it was and how it is to be today. From the very beginning of time, in the garden of Eden, there has been inquisitiveness and that has created consequences for actions, as well as help for human growth in truth.

As I keep reading, I find that life today seems to be as it has always been. Through all ages, God has been and is in control. I never thought of the time Jesus was born as anything but a beautiful time, and I still do. But to think that Jesus and his family had to live through times of hard work, oppression, wars, and painful times just doesn’t seem to fit the Christmas spirit as we want it to be. But knowing, then and now, that God is in it with us, provides life for all who believe.

Our God is an awesome God! As in the song by Sandi Patti, “let us magnify the Lord, let us praise His Name.”

How majestic is Your Name, O Lord! Amen


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