Thursday: Dec. 21

Read Psalm 89:15-29

from Cletus Hull, Lower Burrell, PA Trinity United Christian Church

When I begin each day spending time in God’s word. I am amazed at how quickly I forget by 9:00 AM what I read at 6:00 AM. My mind is prone to wander with the occurrences of the day. Yet, suddenly, my thoughts traveled back to one verse for this Advent reading:

“And I will make him the firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth. My steadfast love I will keep for him forever, and my covenant will stand firm for him.” (vs.27)

Christopher Wordsworth, an Anglican Bishop and a nephew of the poet William Wordsworth, called Psalm 89 the “Carol of Christmas.” That specific verse from Psalm 89 was a healthy reminder for me at this time of year as I have been busy with packing, shipping, and traveling. Certainly, many of these activities are necessary, but I must be intentional with not replacing my endeavors with Jesus. Christ is the gospel. That is why he came, died, and rose again. This reminder contains the hope that we trust and proclaim in the Christmas carols.

We miss the point if we think the psalmist is referring to King David. The writer is worshipping the One to come from the lineage of David – Christ, the Savior. I needed that reminder amidst the busyness of working in the parish and attending the numerous events of the season. Jesus remains standing firm with us in the middle of our Advent sojourn.

Gracious God, remind us in this moment that you are present,

 for your steadfast love keeps us firm in your care. Amen.