Read Psalm 31:9-16

On Holy Saturday, the narrative stops. Everything goes silent. It is the cosmic day of listening, waiting, and unknowing, the great corrective to human hubris. We aren’t as smart as we thought we were. Today, we come face to face with what Isaiah told us: God’s ways are not our ways.

Nor are they the world’s ways. In the world, kings aren’t enthroned on crosses. Charismatic religious teachers don’t end up like this. Today there are no pat answers. Today is for silence, watching, waiting to see what happens next. Western Christians dislike this. We want to get busy and do something. But nothing can, or indeed, now must be done. The Psalmist gets it: “My times are in your hand.” Even today. Even when things are darkest, when we lose everything we loved, believed in, thought we knew. When we don’t know what comes next, especially then, our times are tenderly held in God’s nail scarred hands.

Help us, O God, even in the darkness of death, to know the calm assurance of your abiding care.

Bonnie Thurston

Wheeling, WV