Read: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

We are preparing in most of our churches to enter into a solemn night of remembrance and thanksgiving for the life that has been given to us in the offering of Christ to his people in the upper room.  In doing so, we are taking our places in a tremendous chain of the tradition that cannot be let go of.

Plenty of people have died tragic or untimely deaths, and plenty of memorials have been established to help keep the memory alive in the life of the world.  But in this action of gathering to take, bless, break, and give the bread and the cup of Christ, Paul says we are handing on what the Lord has given to us.  And precious, indeed, is the memorial!  In it, Jesus tells us, we are receiving his body and his blood – the new covenant given for all who would receive it.  And Paul affirms that it is in these actions that we do indeed show forth Christ’s death for all who would see it, and do so looking forward to his coming again – pointing us all toward a feast over which Christ himself will preside, a feast which will have no end.

Every hunger of every human life is filled at this ongoing memorial, which we hand on now to new generations in the Eucharist we celebrate tomorrow and on every occasion when we gather in Christ’s presence.  He is, indeed, there in our midst.  “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us; therefore, let us keep the feast…” and keep it always, filled with the memory and sweet fragrance of its first Celebrant.

As we remember and give thanks for your love in Jesus Christ, O God, we offer ourselves anew as his people.  Now fill us with his life.

David Chafin

United Christian Church, Coal Center, PA

Consultant to the Regional Minister