Read Exodus 12:1-14

On this blessed day, we in essence are beginning a new life.  The tomb is empty.  Jesus was raised!  Our Scripture lesson reminds us of another beginning of new life, and the preparations that would be needed to begin that new journey.  For the newly-liberated Hebrews in Egypt, a new, exciting, dangerous life journey lay before them – life that would require sacrifice.  In the freedom that God was offering, they would have to risk much, but the rewards would be great“Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people.”  (I Peter 2:10)

The advent of the Easter season once more offers us new life, and a renewal of the journey.  The 18th Century reformer, John Wesley, called upon his fellow travelers in the Christian faith to journey towards “Christian Perfection”.  At ordination services in the United Methodist Church to this day, ordination candidates are asked the questions, “Are you moving towards perfection?” and “Do you expect to reach it in your lifetime?”  The expected answer in both cases is a resounding “yes!”.  The perfection sought is not to be perfect in all things, but rather to be faithful in the journey to which we are called as Christians, as imitators of Christ.  To be to the world as the resurrected One would be.  May this Easter season find each of you committed to the journey of new life!

Loving God, grant us strength to make the journey,

walk with us along the way, and at its conclusion, receive us into your glory.

Richard Howard

Morgantown, WV