Read Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

Giving thanks is a spiritual discipline—a deepening of the relationship between the saved and the Savior.  Yet it is also witness!  The Psalmist encourages us to remember our story, remember our struggles, and to remember how God has delivered us.  This remembering isn’t only for the sake of “me and God,” but when shared as testimony gives witness to the very nature and character of God.

Every Sunday, we remember in great thanksgiving.  When our Lord was betrayed he took bread and cup and said, “Remember.”  Remember when we were sick, and God healed us.  Remember when we were broken, and God mended us.  Remember when we were outcasts and unloved, and God received us anew.  Remember when we were lost and forgotten, and God remembered us.  “Thank you, Lord,” are always the words that pour forth from the lips of the redeemed.

In this Psalm, you’ll find a litany of specific dangers from which the redeemed were saved.  Perhaps this Lent we should prepare such litanies for ourselves at the Lord’s Supper, for Communion is a private devotion, and it is public witness!  It is a sign to the world, and in a very particular way our testimony of God’s very nature—savior, redeemer, lover and friend.

Remind us, O God, of the particularity of our salvation, and embolden us to share our witness with the world that needs it so. 

Kenneth Hardway

First Christian Church, Wheeling, WV

Associate Regional Minister for Youth and Young Adults