Read Psalm 130

In our social media obsession, we keep count of everything:  how many friends on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter, how many connections on LinkedIn.  The psalmist despairs because he/she knows that God keeps account of all our sins. It is this misery that can lead to a sense of isolation from God. However, the psalmist also provides a testimony of trust in the Lord as one who knows that even though he/she might be a sinner, the Lord still hears their cry out of the depth.

It is this type of hope that forms the indissoluble link with the God of the covenant, who not only issues threats and promise, but also offers final salvation to the faithful. Sin is not committed in a vacuum, and essentially impedes our relationship with God. Nevertheless, our Lord’s heart is always willing to reach out in mercy, simply because of who He is, and offer not only forgiveness, but also restoration to life with Him in an eternal Kingdom.

When in the depths of my darkest night, O God, kindle a fire that will assure me of your presence and your saving love.

Donald Snyder

First Christian Church, Beckley, WV