Read Psalm 42

Twice, in David’s 42nd Psalm, in v. 3 and again in v. 10, he speaks the words spoken by his oppressors, “Where is Your God?”  Yet, even though the psalmist is in a period of lament and sorrow, he has hope and is not in total despair.  It is as though he is able to transform his thoughts from those of suffering deep pain to those of praise of “my savior, my God” and, somehow, in some way, to have the realization that through a combination of despair and praise, God has brought precious victories again and again to all his children.  And, as the famous preacher, Spurgeon says. “he pulls himself together and regains his composure, preaching to his own soul,” as he talks to himself, reminding himself of the great and wonderful goodness of God.


Such is life.  We, too, find ourselves in our own times of personal lament, experiencing the effects of oppression, rejection, and persecution in our lives due to our belief in the living God, Jesus Christ.  Can we not transform ourselves as did David?  Can we not calm and compose ourselves with the reminder that He who rescued our ancestors will rescue us as well?  “Why are you downcast O my soul?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my savior and my God” (v.11)


O God, raise me up as I place my trust in you.

Earl Shaw

Big Run Christian Church, Cameron, WV

Associate Regional Minister of the Word