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Read Ephesians 5:8-14

“Now you are children of light.”  “Christ will shine in you.”  It sounds like Advent all over again.  Yet this is taking that from the natural world, and using it to illumine spiritual truth.  This comes from Holy Scripture, and extends through the long line of Christian spirituality that looks to creation—or what some have called our “first bible.”


How can the natural order of the world illumine our souls, especially when everything in the natural order dies?  Yes, this is one way to look at the world around us.  Yet we travel through this Lenten season with the illumination of Christ and see what is exposed with Resurrection eyes.  Let this change your worldview—the natural order of the world is not life and death, but rather is life-death-resurrection!


Skin cells die every moment, but new ones take shape and live on!  The perennials planted last year showcased evidence of death all winter, but now sprout forth with new buds!  I shed many a tear over the loss of life this winter, but with Easter on the horizon I feel a sense of beauty in hearing the words, “Sleeper, awake!  Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”


Give us eyes to see your light, O Risen One, and the hope to see

that, in you, the death of things will always spring forth in newness of life.

Kenneth Hardway

First Christian Church, Wheeling, WV

Associate Regional Minister for Youth and Young Adults