Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-25

If memory serves me correctly, I was about 10 years old the year that the days leading up to Easter Sunday began to take on significance for me.  Looking back, I can imagine that the minister and one of the creative members of my home church had combined their inspirations to create a series of messages and worship displays that I can still picture vividly over sixty years later.  A few weeks before Easter – behind a thick layer of transparent mesh – a huge cross appeared front and center in the sanctuary.  Each Sunday following, the transparency would become clearer with additional symbols being added until Easter Sunday when the mesh was gone and the cross was beautifully adorned and surrounded with fragrant flowers of spring.  The messages that accompanied the changing scene were all centered on the cross and what it meant to our lives.

Often along the way on our spiritual journey, we lose our focus as we struggle to navigate our faith and our relationships with each other.  Out of focus, we lose the clarity of vision and wisdom necessary to proclaim the message of the cross which is the power of God.  Today and in the days ahead as we move ever closer to the cross, may our faith be rekindled and strengthened so that we who are being saved may draw on the everlasting power of God that belongs to each of us.

God of grace and mercy, as we move ever closer to the cross of Calvary, bless us with eyes that see clearly, and help us to boldly claim the power of the cross that is ours for the claiming.   Amen.

Judith Bennett (from 2015), Bridgeport, OH