Read Romans 5:1-11

What a message of security and relief Paul has given us!  This passage draws us into the heart of the Gospel – the love of our Lord.   In these words, we receive the assurance that our lives have been justified by faith through Jesus Christ our Lord.  The formula is clear:

Justification through faith + Peace with God = Reconciliation and Hope


At times, this formula seems simple. For example, I feel really smart, wise, and relieved each month when our checking account balances with the bank!  Then, reconciliation is quite simple.  At other times, the formula is difficult and elusive.  As we seek oneness with our Lord when we face suffering, adversities, disappointments and pain, reconciliation becomes much more involved.  Often, it is harder to find reconciliation, inner peace, and hope due to our natural preoccupation with the accompanying anguish.


It is in a moment of welcomed clarity that the words in verses 1 and 2 become a renewed reality.  The “lifeline” has been tossed.  We grab it.  We are pulled into the safety of assurance and hope in our Lord’s arms.  The formula is honored!


Our Lord, forgive my ignorant stubbornness in times of struggle, 

for it is then that you are truly my Savior.

Jerry Griffin

Lititz, PA