Read Psalm 95

The Israelites tried God’s patience in the wilderness when they put the providence of God to the test.  Psalm 95:8 referred to an incident at Masseh where they demanded water and argued with Moses (Exodus 17:7).  They had the audacity to question if God was with them.    Considering the generous provisions from God in the wilderness up to this point, this was self-centered. They were unable to enter God’s rest.

What happens to our behavior when listen to our fears more than our faith in God?    Psalm 95 calls us to worship and trust in God.   The concluding verse speaks of entering God’s rest.    How does our manic lifestyle of perpetual activity relate to the gift of rest?  Sabbath is a lifestyle of peace and contentment that comes from trust in God.

Great Shepherd, we trust in your providence  and good work in the world.  Grant us your rest.

Lisa Crone-Sheldon

First Christian Church, Morgantown, WV