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Read Exodus 17:1-7

“Is the Lord among us or not?”  Faith would be much easier if we didn’t struggle with doubt, but it would also be meaningless. Infants in healthy families learn to trust their parents not because they hover over them at every moment, but because, though they step away, they always return and supply the babies’ needs. But even so, there are times when an infant cries, is frightened, even despairs.

Was it unreasonable for the Israelites to hope not to die of thirst in the wilderness?  Humans don’t last long without water.  Notice that while Moses shows annoyance with his complaining people, God does not.  God supplies their need even though they fear that God will not.

The strongest faith takes doubt very seriously.  The most profound trust also knows the feeling of abandonment. Doubt and belief are intertwined with each other, as inseparable as the elements of the air we breathe or the water that sustains our bodies.  Belief and doubt. Trust and anxiety. Communion and abandonment.  The deepest faith contains them all.

Meet us, O God, in our questions and doubts that our faith may grow beyond our fears.

Dennis Landon

Lititz, PA