Read Psalm 62

In a contemplative living workshop that she taught last Fall at Buffalo Seminary, Bonnie Thurston shared her definition of prayer. Prayer is a mode of being. It is a way of living that orients the whole person: body, mind, and spirit, to God. The prayer that anchors me into this way of living is the prayer of silence.

It makes me laugh that for most of my life I despised waiting. I hated it, dreaded it, went to great lengths to avoid it. And yet now, an hour of silence first thing upon waking is how I choose to begin each of my days. For God alone my soul waits in silence (v.1).  Afterward, when I find myself waiting in the natural course of my day, in traffic, at the store, etc., I pause again in silence. Wherever I am, when I truly enter into the moment, I can look around me and see the light of God in everyone and everything. It’s all so vivid and beautiful, it feels sacred. And I rest in the peace, joy, grace, hope, and love of God alone.

Lord, as we make our journey through Lent to Easter and then beyond,

 help us to wait only in You.

Valerie Parsons

Island Christian Church, Wheeling, WV