Read John 3:1-17

In the midst of John’s telling of the coming of the Christ as the light of God, we meet a religious leader coming to Jesus under the cover of darkness, looking to commend Jesus, and to confess – however secretly – that he believes that Jesus is indeed working in the power of God.  He is met with a rather out-of-place remark about seeing beyond the signs Jesus was working to the actual kingdom of God, which can only be seen and known through a new kind of life being born in us.  It is the birth from above that is needed to give entry to the presence of God.  And the key, Jesus says, in coming to that new birth is from water and the Spirit.  Both of these point all who would believe toward the one who is “lifted up,” like the healing serpent on the staff of Moses in the wilderness.

The healing hope for the world, and for the lives of Nicodemus and others who would be disciples (including you and me), is in the person of Jesus Christ, lifted up on the cross.  We are called, even in the shadows of our cautious questions, to look upon him and have life.

Loving God, help us to see, even through the shadows, your presence, and find new life born from holy water. Amen.

Heather Simpson

Central Christian Church, Uniontown, PA