Read Genesis 12:1-4a

This passage contains the components of the Lord’s call to Abram.  The first component is the call itself.  The call was a command for Abram to uproot, leaving everyone and everything behind.  It was not an empty call!

The second component is the promise the Lord made to him.  He would become a nation and his name would be great.  This was not an empty promise.

The third component includes the rewards–to be blessed, to be protected from those who would curse him and “all peoples on earth would be blessed through him.”  These were not empty rewards.

The Lord spoke.  Abram obeyed.  The rest is history!  Abram’s call and response are an invitation for each of us to review how we are responding to the Lord’s call.  It would be appropriate for us to ask, “Am I living up to the Lord’s blessing through serving as a blessing to others?

Renew me, Lord, that my mission will be a blessing to those I meet each day.  In the spirit of Abram, I accept your call anew. 

Jerry Griffin

Lititz, PA