Read Psalm 25:1-10 

In another beautiful prayer, the Psalmist embraces the Lenten theme by reminding us to seek “God’s ways and God’s Paths.”  While this Psalm is familiar to me I was particularly struck, as I read it for this reflection, by the implied emphasis on God’s way versus my own way.  Having backpacked and hiked most of the trails in the Monongahela National Forest believe me I know the importance of being on the right trail or the right path.

Because I would get lost without a map, I use one.  I recognize my need for help on my journey, and I trust the map to be accurate.  When I have been lost, it is because I decided to rely on my own judgement rather than on the map.  I am sure that the Psalmist had experienced being on the wrong path in his spiritual journey and is asking God to get him on the correct path or way.  When I am lost in my spiritual life it is most often because I have chosen my path over God’s.

Dear Lord, grant me the wisdom and the courage to seek your way and then to follow it.

Del Parris

Lost Creek, WV