Friday, Jan. 6: Feast of the Epiphany              Read Matthew 2:1-12

from Thaddaeus Allen, Regional Minister and President:

The Church through our Middle East Initiative of Global Ministries sent me to Bethlehem recently.  There were other stops, but today Bethlehem is before us.  It was moving to be in the place where Jesus was born.  Like the wise men’s was, ours was a journey of distance.  Like the wise men, we were not locals.  Like the wise men experienced, there was a palpable sense of both joy and deep reverence that I experienced.  It was moving to meet with our Global Mission Partners who are doing such important work in the land of Jesus’ birth.  Sadly, the work being done is not always received as a special guest, and it is often treated as an unwanted foreigner.

I am touched by the ways in which our partners give gifts and find other roads if needed to steward the gospel in their midst.  The treasure chests of the church are opened wider because of our witness in Bethlehem.  When we came to the place where Jesus born, like the wise men, we could not help but kneel down and pay homage.  Today is a day to be overwhelmed with joy.

O Revealed Christ, make your presence known in our world today, beginning with our lives and the life of your beloved Church.  Bring light to all through the gifts we have been given in your coming.  We offer ourselves, our very best, to you.  Amen.


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