Thursday, Jan. 5         Read Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14

from David Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister and Vice President, and Pastor of United Christian Church, California, PA:

It is amazing how desperately the people of God, once given a royal ruler, looked to see that king exalted above the other kings of earth. They would have their nation raised up as a beacon for the rest of the world to honor, even as God had promised that they would have such honors by the very nature of God being their Sovereign and Lord.  Yet the psalmist is wise to point out, for Israel and for us, that the nature of the one who rules with justice, compassion, and mercy for the most vulnerable of the land – and not with favor for the most powerful or wealthy – will be the one who brings honor.  That ruler who models himself or herself after the Sovereign Lord is the one worth watching, worth lifting up, worth honoring.  So it is with the nation.  So might it be, in these days of great change, for even us…God’s people in a strange time, in a strange land, and looking into an unknown future.  May we seek the best, lead with our best, offer our best to God and to the nations.

Be our one true Lord, O God.  Guide us, and all those around us, to follow the example of your leadership – which gently leads, which lovingly heals, which upholds the weak, which saves the suffering.  Make us your people, and our world your world. Amen.

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