Wednesday, Jan. 4      Read Isaiah 60:1-6

from Darrell Pierce, Clarksburg, WV:

No matter what the dream, Jesus is the answer.  Isaiah dreamed of joy in freedom for an enslaved people, but Jesus was the answer to that dream.  He dreamed of a great nation, but Jesus was the answer.  Wealth and power and joy are found in Jesus.  God inspired the prophets to see promises of what they thought would be a perfect future, but the perfect future was always to be found in Jesus.
Verses 1 and 6b have Messianic language that we recognize, but we may not recognize that the rest is Messianic language as well.  The prophets looked forward to some kind of perfection, but they did not know that the perfection would be found in a special man born of a virgin who would be the very Son of God.  We know that, but sometimes forget and look for that perfection in the wrong places.  This season gives us a chance to refocus on real perfection: the One born in a stable.
Jesus, may we lay aside our earthly dreams, live our lives in you, and find what we really want and need. Amen.

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