Saturday, New Year’s Eve      Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-13

from Kevin Arensman, Sayre Christian Church, Sayre, PA:

These are wonderful words to ponder on New Year’s Eve, especially the later words, “to be happy and to do good…(to) eat and drink, and find satisfaction…this is the gift of God.”  You might be planning a little of that tonight.  Hopefully, you are planning “to be happy and to do good.”


Good news!   God is mighty and mysterious, and God has a plan: Birth and death, weeping and laughing, etc.   Nothing that happens falls outside of God’s divine plan to reconcile all of creation to God’s self.  But, we still have choices.  Will we join God in the fulfillment of that plan or drag our feet along the way?


You are invited to join God in reconciling all that you can: relationships, goals, stewardship, communities, churches.  You are also invited to enjoy life; good times and bad; to make the best of every moment, to “eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all (your) toil.”  Of course, the best way to enjoy life is to love, serve, seek justice and give mercy; to do it with others, and with God.  I hope you will enjoy New Year’s Eve.  Even more, I hope you will find joy in God, in the New Year!


Mighty and Blessed Creator, we thank you for your mighty purposes.  We thank you for the opportunity to join you in your purposes.  Lead the way!  Amen.