Sunday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day         Read John 1:1-14

from Thaddaeus Allen, Regional Minister and President:

The light shines in the darkness!  This is the gospel, the very good news of God in Jesus Christ.  The darkness of the world has been dealt with and light is on the scene.  And God so loved us that a witness, too, was born.  John’s call was to testify to the light, the true light that enlightens all!  And today, we, too, are reminded of our calling to be witnesses to the great light that is the Christ child.  On this feast day when we experience afresh the incarnation, we are free to tell it from the mountaintops that Jesus Christ is Lord.  We are free to engage in acts of love and charity that make it clear in the darkest places of our neighbor’s lives that light has arrived on the scene.  We have seen God’s glory, and we have the grace of living within God’s very family.  This we must share!  We are called to be witnesses to this marvelous act of God’s grace on us all.  Merry Christmas!

We give you thanks, O God, for the gift which you alone could give us – your very Self – and for the opportunity to share you with the world for which you have come to offer yourself in love.  Amen.

We express our gratitude to the ministers of the regions who have offered their devotional thoughts and prayers through this project, which is sustained by your gifts to the Christmas Offering for Regional Ministry.  To contribute to the offering, please visit the following pages:  Supporting the PA Region   or    Supporting the WV Region

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