Friday, Dec. 16            Read Psalm 146:5-10

from Andrew Wade, First Christian Church, Logan, WV:

The Advent season draws us into a redirection of our thinking.  While recent political events have dominated the news cycle, and will continue to do so, Psalm 146 speaks of the inadequacy of human efforts.  We might feel hopeless, but this Psalm then redirects our thinking by magnifying the work of God.  God is our help and hope.  In verses 5-9, the Psalmists uses eleven active verbs to declare God’s manifold works.  The list begins with God as Creator and Sustainer, and his faithfulness never ends.  Next is emphasized God as merciful, defender of those wronged, help to those who are oppressed.  Lastly, God is the righteous judge, who thwarts the ways of the wicked.  The Psalm concludes with the statement that God is Sovereign, he is in charge.  Advent redirects us to see that in Jesus of Nazareth, God is with us, Emmanuel has come.  Jesus read a passage similar to this from Isaiah 61:1, proclaiming its promises fulfilled in him.  He is truly Emmanuel, God with us.  In Jesus, the reign of God has come.  Advent teaches us that God alone is our help and our hope, and that help and hope came in the flesh – our Lord Jesus Christ.


O God, we turn to you.  Direct our thoughts to see that in our human weakness we need you to be our help and hope. Amen.

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