Thursday, Dec. 15       Read Isaiah 12

from Bill Garrett, United Christian Church, Levittown, PA:

One of our daughters lives in Arizona and recently bought some land with a small house in a rural area. It’s high desert and it’s beautiful. It also has no city-provided utilities.  No electricity could be a problem, but they have solar panels and a generator. Also, no water could be a problem, but the property has a water well. The previous owners dug a deep well and it provides a wonderful source of fresh water upon demand. In an often-parched land, this is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity.


In verse 3, Isaiah proclaims: “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Of course, Isaiah isn’t talking about a water well in Arizona. He’s talking about the life-giving gift found in God’s relationship with us. Isaiah understands the magnitude of this gift and he speaks of drawing this water with joy.  As we live into the Season of Advent – of preparing ourselves to receive the life-giving water found in Jesus, may we also approach this time with joy as we, too, accept the magnitude of this gift.


God of life, prepare our hearts and minds to receive your life-giving gift as we come to your wells of salvation with joy. Amen.