Tuesday, Dec. 13         Read Isaiah 40:1-5 

from Nikki Mazza-Fredley, Pittsburgh, PA:

When I look to what this passage means for me, it reminds me so much of what I do each and every day.

The call from Isaiah is the command to comfort God’s people and prepare a way for his arrival.  It also tells that there will not be any place where we can hide from our Lord’s arrival.  Divisiveness is over, and all our sins are forgiven.


Ministering to the voiceless and empowering those I serve through love, grace and acceptance is what gives me great strength each and every day.  We are called in this passage to validate all, which is intentionally ambiguous, because there is no room for exclusion.  We all, equally, are welcome to this acceptance and inclusion.


This message is a reminder to those of us that may be serving our call outside of the pulpit each week and beyond the scope of “traditional” ministry, that those we touch and teach see the hand of God in everything that we do.  We are to comfort, bless and receive; for that is the greatest of all blessings.


Open our hearts, Lord, to the other in our lives.  Teach us to comfort and bless them unconditionally.  Amen.