3rd Sunday in Advent, Dec. 11: Read Luke 1:46-55

from Heather Simpson, Central Christian Church, Uniontown, PA:

There’s nothing more exciting, as well as nerve-wracking, than the days leading up to the birth of a child.  The anticipation, the deep mystery, and sacred connection to God’s amazing work.  Here in the midst of it all, each moment seems so different than the last. Imagine the flood of emotions, overwhelming an innocent girl who has been told that the child she was bringing to the world would be the one to set God’s people – her people – free to fulfill their calling in the world!


When I hear her outburst of joy, poured out in the home of her cousin, who was carrying the one soon to be known John the Baptist within her womb, I do marvel at what incredible things God was doing, and still does, with the least likely candidates. As Mary’s song of praise declares, the world is turned upside down by the “strength of God’s arm” at work in those who yield themselves to God. What might God do with someone like you or me, when we are willing to say:   “Yes. As you say, Lord, may it be so…even in me?”


May our song find God’s tune, during this journey of Advent.  And our outbursts be of joy, and ready response, for all of God’s amazing surprises.


Gracious God, center us in your love, wrap us in your joy, and prepare our hearts for the birth of our Savior.  Amen

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