Saturday, Dec. 10        Read James 5:7-10

from Chris Stillwell, Christian Church of Connellsville, PA:

Patience is the key to this passage, and the key to Advent, as we count down the days until Christmas. Patience is also the hardest thing to have at this time. I remember it was hard to be patient waiting to see the gifts under the tree. Patience was impossible waiting for the Christmas eve service to end. Patience was suffering as I lay awake waiting for an event that I knew would come. How hard must patience have been the first Christmas, waiting generations for God’s Messiah to come and set the world aright. The people then knew real suffering, as did the people to whom James wrote. Having known the first coming of Christ, he exhorts them to have patience even as they suffer for Christ’s final coming. Likewise, today we lose patience seeing injustices and atrocities in the world. We lose patience amidst real suffering, but we do not wait as those without hope. We wait believing that God is leading the world to a glorious awakening, brighter than any Christmas morning. Remembering this helps us sleep as we wait for the advent of Christ.


Quiet our hearts, O God, in the certain comfort of your coming, as we long for your promises to be made complete. Amen.