Thursday, Dec. 8         Read Psalm 33:12-22

from Mark Mayer, Island Christian Church, Wheeling, WV:

When we say: “we believe”, we are saying: “we believe His word!”  Why are we able to trust in Him?  His word is true.


Sometimes, we find ourselves feeling desperate, weak, stressed.  We should understand that God’s word is our answer.  We must listen to the word of God, and we must be open to what He has planned for each of our lives.  We must trust that those plans are reliable…that God knows what is best for us, and that those plans…and He…will never fail us.


Our only hope is in God.  Everything else is flawed.  Hope and trust in God, not only in this season, but always.


Help me to place my hopes in you, O God, for only you are totally reliable.  Amen.