Tuesday, Dec. 6           Read Psalm 33:1-11

from Rodney Hubbs, First Christian Church, McMechen, WV:

At this time of the year most people tend to turn their thoughts to the hustle and bustle of the season.  However, God still needs to be praised and lauded for what He has done for us.  We need to give Him continual praise.


This Psalm tells us to sing praises to God for the world He has given us.  Some Christians today think that if they go to church on Sunday and give God praise, that is sufficient. Give God praise and glory continually, for without Him we are doomed.


God’s word is right and everything He has done for us is done in good faith.  We need to keep ourselves in touch with Him on a continual basis. It seems the nations of the world have plans to destroy one

another, however, God’s plan will overrule their plans, and His plan will last forever, from one generation to another.


In this glorious and festive season, let us praise God on a regular basis.  Our God is an awesome God!


Father, let us rejoice and give you the glory each and every moment of every day.  Amen.