Monday, Dec. 5           Read Romans 15:4-13

from Mike Peton, Allison Christian Church, Allison, PA:

Right now, we are approaching winter, and in this season of Advent we are reminded of the coming of a Savior. When buried beneath the cold ground of snow and ice, flowers lay dormant waiting for spring.  Is this the way hope works in us?  The hope that possibly life will be born again.  With every passing season, I experience the breath of God’s love and mercy seen in each moment of life.


As the apostle Paul wrote these words, he spoke about the scriptures that were written in the “former days” (older days). They were written to bring encouragement so that we would have hope. You may say; “I’ve given up having hope. Life just has too many ups and downs.” Exactly!  In the days of the early church they had the same hardships that you and I experience.  You are not alone.


As a pastor, I sometimes have the thought, is it ever going to change? Will it get better, or do I just endure? Much of life can be difficult, painful, and discouraging but we can hope in God’s goodness and His promises. I may allow myself to feel that disappointments come more often than triumphs.   I have found that when I go to the scriptures I am energized by God’s Spirit. He is reminding me that my new season is about to come again. Hope is keeping us secure to let us know that spring is just around the corner. So, as Paul writes in vs. 10, “Rejoice!” and verse 11 “let all peoples praise Him.” Why? Because Jesus has come and He is the God of all hope.


God fill me with all joy and peace in believing that you will cause me to rise from despair and give me hope for all my tomorrows. Help me to break through the cold dirt and feel the warmth of your love in your appropriate time. Amen