2nd Sunday of Advent, Dec. 4   Read Matthew 3:1-12

from Larry Grimes, Dean of Bethany College and of Buffalo Seminary at Bethany College:

As a kid, what got to me was

camel’s hair,

leather belt

chowing down on locusts


One weird dude with a nasty mouth:

“Brood of vipers”!

“Unquenchable fire”!

An ax to the root? Wrath to come?

This prepares the way of the Lord?

This makes Messiah’s paths straight?


Will it preach?


Did the king who came in swaddling clothes

Swing the ax? Or choose the nails?

Light the blaze? Or blaze the light

of the Spirit Holy, turning the gathered

toward, turning, the repentant toward

turning, the world on the axis of a cross

beyond the river and into the Kingdom?


Will it preach?


Turn us again, O God. Turn us toward you.  Amen.

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