Saturday, Dec. 3          Read Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

from Richard Howard, Morgantown, WV:

As people of hope, we want to believe that God is a God of justice, peace, joy and righteousness.  Such hope is reflected in Psalm 72 today, for in it we hear prayers for a God who will be in love with all the people of God’s creation, not just with the proverbial “chosen” few.  Prayers are offered for all needy children, as well as for God’s healing and hope for all who suffer.  God’s special compassion is sought for all oppressed and burdened people bearing the brunt of others’ manipulation and greed.  And the Psalmist implores God’s special care for all who are hungry, poor and needy.  Psalm 72 reminds us to pray continually for a generous spirit so that all people everywhere will nurture God’s creation and share their prosperity with all others who are not receiving such blessings.

Like the One born so long ago, yet who lives within and amongst us even today, we pray for a generosity of spirit to flourish amongst all people, so that it may serve as a sure sign of the in-breaking of the fullness of your Reign on earth. Amen.

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