Monday, Nov. 28         Read Isaiah 2:1-5

from Judy Bennett, Bridgeport, OH::

To me it seems ironic that as we find ourselves once again in the season of Advent – anticipating and celebrating the coming of the Prince of Peace –  that peace seems farther away than ever before.  Countries throughout the world, including our own, are divided by strife and uncertainty.  Then comes this visually rich passage from Isaiah ending with the admonition to walk in the light of the Lord.  What does this mean to us today?


Walking in the light means being prepared.  Walking in God’s light means that we put our hope in God alone.  It means looking for and taking the opportunities that God gives us to help others see the light – looking for and recognizing God in the ordinary places and events of our daily lives.  And ultimately it means walking side by side with all of God’s children to lighten the darkness which surrounds us on every hand.    “… come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.”


God of love, bless and guide us as we continue on our Advent journey.  May our lives radiate your light to all with whom we come in contact.   Amen.

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