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Read Luke 24:1-12

from Thaddaeus B. Allen, Regional Minister

Sometimes it seems we need to see things for ourselves in order to believe. Peter demonstrates this nicely for us today. The reality of the Risen Christ, who stands in our midst and in whose peace we abide, is something for us to experience. First-hand testimony of life is a grace, and it can prompt us to look more closely and carefully for the signs of life and life abundant in our own experiences. So on this beautiful morning when the Church brings first-hand testimony of the Resurrection, take this and run to the tombs of your life. Perhaps we will see for ourselves, with our very own eyes, that places of death and entombment are the places in life where Jesus can roll away the stone that suffocates.

The story of this day is of life. Experience this anew. Receive it gladly and believe! Look closely and with your very own eyes for the signs of God’s gracious presence in our midst. He is not dead – he lives! Because he lives – so do we! Run to your life and receive it in all of its beauty and abundance. Believe for yourself!   Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.

For the gift of the Resurrection, and for life abundant, we give thanks and praise!  Alleluia!