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Read Luke 23:50-56

from William B. Allen, Regional Minister Emeritus

Holy Saturday offers us a little time – between the poignant drama of Good Friday and the glorious celebration of Easter – to step back and reflect on the meaning of the momentous events by which we are saved.

On this off day between the monumental days of our faith, Luke offers us a succinct and meaning-packed description of Jesus’ burial that allows us to consider our relationship to the central mysteries that shape our lives.

We have a “good and righteous man named Joseph” who stepped forward to claim the body of the Lord.  This had to be a courageous act as it placed him in opposition to the huge majority of the Sanhedrin (the ruling, religious council) of which he was a member but which had overwhelmingly requested the crucifixion of Jesus.  He also had to go before Pilate and ask for the body.  Might this be an invitation to step forth from the crowd and honor our Lord?

The protocols regarding the honoring of the Sabbath and preparing the body were carefully observed.  Might this be an invitation to perform our spiritual life with decency and order (as opposed to haphazardly and carelessly)?

Jesus’ body was placed in a brand new, rock-hewn tomb.  Might this be an invitation to give our very best to Christ? Just some things to consider on this day of reflection.

Lord Jesus, Give us courage to serve and honor you,

to bring to you our best,

to love you with the tenderness of Joseph of Arimathea. Amen