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Read Luke 19:28-40

from Jacque Parlato, Huntington Central Christian Church

The Gospel of Luke bookends the proclamation of the Christmas story with angels singing “Peace on earth” and the shouts of the multitudes proclaiming “Peace in heaven” on Palm Sunday. The passing of the Peace is something that we share with our sisters and brothers in Christ’s name, but each time we do so, we should also take a moment to reflect on what brings us peace and what keeps it from us.

Each Sunday, our congregation passes the peace by saying, “You are loved.” The purpose of this is to maintain the bond of peace which is God’s call upon each of us, and a reminder that when we extend peace to others, we identify with the one who brought peace to us, who reaches out to us in the midst of a world that fights so hard to keep it from us.

Our worship today will begin with shouts of Hosanna! and the proclamation of peace, but the following days will reveal those whose distorted vision of peace would seek to crucify Jesus in an effort to keep it from us. As we journey to the cross together, may we remember the cost of reconciliation and the ultimate hope we have in knowing Christ who reaches out to each of us in peace and says, “You are loved.”

Bring us peace, O God, by our truly meeting your Christ on this journey with him to the cross.