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Read Philippians 2:5-11

from Victor Hunter, New Martinsville First Christian Church

Paul is instructing the church about how it is called to live in this present world. Simply put, he calls the church and its members to live with the “Jesus mindset.” And what is the Jesus mindset? Paul either quotes a known hymn or composes the hymn in verses 6-11 of Philippians 2 to answer this question. He tells the story of Jesus from eternal word to incarnate word to glorified word. Here is one of the great hymns or early confessions of faith or creeds of the church: Jesus is Lord.

In Lent the church is given an opportunity to rethink its confession, to resolve to live its story, and to commit itself to the Jesus mindset. The Jesus mindset—in contrast to the world’s mindset of selfishness, greed, wealth, and power—is humility, generosity, service, obedience. Most of the church’s problems, questions, debates, confusions, and battles need to be addressed by a theological insight rather than a programmatic or sloganistic response. In other words, the way ahead with life-alive and hope is a reclamation of the Jesus story in our worship, our living, our mission. It is a confession of faith—the faith that created the church and empowers it through the ages. “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

Give us your mind, O Christ, that our confession of you may be genuine and fully expressed in our living.