Read Job 19:23-27a

from Scott Thayer, Bethany Memorial Church, and Chaplain of Bethany College

I see him in the eye of my mind,

sitting there by himself on the ground,

ashen wrinkles and open sores;

a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief.

Loneliness is his only companion now;

despair dogging his faltering steps like a

hungry jackal ever hopeful for a meal.

Was he to be devoured by his own misery?

He had lost so much; his private holocaust.

All the cocksure ideas about God and about himself

had shriveled and blown away,

leaving behind a human husk.

He’s not the man he thought he was; the man

his wife had married; the father of his children.

He was someone else now; a wanderer, a fool;

the caricature of a man.

He cries out for the plan, the purpose

of this eternal suffering.

But the silence is deafening,

his only answer the fragile beating of a broken heart.

And yet…

somewhere in the silence of the midnight…

there seems to be a tiny light; a flickering candle breath,

bent by the breeze, almost snuffed out.

It’s not much, but it’s all he has now;

for with shattered hope

and broken future,

what else is there, what else can there be

but a Redeemer who lives?

Living Redeemer, when I struggle to walk in faith,

may even my doubts bring me to your ever-loving side. Amen.