Read Colossians 1:9-17

from Valerie Parsons, Co-Pastor, Wheeling Island Christian Church

Today’s scripture is about the power of prayer. Often I have said that prayer is not a substitute for action; it is an action for which there is no substitute! It is the single most powerful thing we can do. People disagree. They object because if you “only pray” and don’t do anything, then nothing changes. My answer is that if you can pray and aren’t compelled to act, I have to question if you were truly praying. Prayer, living vibrant prayer, is a gift of the Spirit, a powerful grace that is available to all of us. Prayer changes things.

Prayer also changes us. Last summer our family group, Spirit and Grace, performed at Pike Days in Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania. And a man there said to me after we were done singing, “You’re Ted Harbaugh’s daughter, aren’t you? You couldn’t deny it if you tried. You look just like him!”

My father passed away 20 years ago and people that I’ve never met still see him in me. That’s what prayer does, too. Prayer changes us into the image of God. In the act of seeking to be a blessing, we ourselves are blessed.

God of All, no matter what each day brings,  help us to always rely on you in prayer. Amen.