Read Psalm 126Read Psalm 126

from Patrick Felton, Co-Pastor, St. Albans First Christian Church

In Soviet Russia, where western music was banned, industrious smugglers would imprint records onto used x-rays so that they could be played without drawing attention. The recordings became known as Bone Music, and suddenly the images of pain, suffering, sickness, and tears became sources of music.

In Christ Jesus, so too are songs of joy imprinted over our tears. For while all humans still reckon with realities of pain, suffering, sorrow, a new song has been projected over it. This doesn’t remove the memory of the pain, but it can give it meaning, and a promise that there was one who defeated the breaking of the body, allowing himself to be broken to the point of death, only to rise again in defiance of the authority of death and pain.

I wonder what songs an x-ray of the crucified Jesus might reveal. Injured wrists, lacerations to the back, the physical damage to the hands and feet? That would all be there, but would we also hear the sweet words, the final chorus written across broken bones: It is finished.

Help us, O God, to hear the imprint of your music on the images of the broken places of our lives.  Make new hope in our most injured places. May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy!