Read Isaiah 43:16-21

from David Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister

Everything old is new again…or so we’ve been told.  But what if something truly new and life-changing should happen today?  Yesterday may have been a masterpiece in your memory, but who knows what lies before you in the hours to come?

Seems like a reasonable routine – out of bed, eat, shower, work, eat, TV, news, back to bed.  Yours may not be much different.  Sometimes, the old routine can be a comfort to us, especially when it has had a time of interruption.  But sometimes, it can be deadly dull and soul-killing.  Often it takes an interruption to make way for the divine in our lives.

What will break through the routine for you today?  What “sacred interruption” might God use to find a new entry into your heart, your mind, your world?  It’s interesting, isn’t it, that often those things that irritate us most by interrupting our daily paces may indeed be the hand of God at work?  And when it happens the next time – maybe even today – will you not perceive it?

Help me today, O Lord, to be open in my mind and imagination when confronted by interruptions that may, indeed, be divine.