Read Joshua 5:9-12

from Del Parris, Lost Creek, West Virginia

This passage reflects so well the season of Lent which we are currently observing (and in which we are hopefully participating as well). The Passover was always a reminder of the great saving act of God in delivering the Israelites from the oppression of Egypt. It is not by accident that Jesus’ suffering and death took place during the celebration of Passover. Likewise, as the people of Israel ate of the “bread of the land” we are reminded of the life-giving bread which Jesus spoke of in John’s gospel, and which he affirmed in the bread he gave his disciples on the night of his betrayal. As I anticipate the celebration of Easter, I am reminded that God has saved me from the oppression of my own Egypts and offers me the bread of life in Jesus Christ. I ponder today whether or not I have lived in that freedom and eaten fully of this new bread.

Jesus, I pray today that I might leave behind the oppression and manna of yesterday, and strive to live on the bread life which comes only from you.